Cool backpacks with USB port for charging devices 

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I'm so excited to start my store with a few merchandise. I'm really working on my credibility and your trust. I decided to sell products to make life easier for travelers or just to make life more convenient. Just from my own experience so many times I needed a place to charge my phone, so I think it's a genius idea to sell backpacks and handbags with USB charging ports .We all know there are times we needed tools to fix something, so I thought it's a good idea too sell toolboxes..I Love to sell things in my store too make life easier and safer. I HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYS MY STORE.. I'm really excited about this website and I'm even more eager to building a relationship from potential customers who will put confidence in me and my up and coming store..

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Hello my name is melanie and Im very passionate to building this store. MY merchandise i plan to sell is to make life more convenient. I believe it's a great idea to sell backpacks and handbags with a USB charging port.. Im going to start my store small and build up a relationship with my customers..